Bridgett J. Oliver Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Bridgett Jacqueline Oliver in her brief 21 years, September 7, 1995 till March 31, 2017, was a daughter, sister, youth cheerleading coach, friend, tutor; she was employed as a waitress, CNA in both a nursing home and a hospital, and finally as a substitute school nurse in the very high school she graduated from in 2013, Bridgett helped tutor fellow students and finally she was a beloved Radford University Honors Student and a proud Highlander.

Bridgett’s passion even as a small child was to become a nurse and specifically a labor and delivery nurse. In this capacity she hoped to help mothers form bonds with their newborns. She wanted to help coach mothers through the process of giving birth. As a nursing intern Bridgett was able to achieve this goal just once. Bridgett loved helping others and working with infants. As a teenager she volunteered in her community’s local childcare center in the infant room where this passion grew.

When Bridgett became an honors nursing student at Radford her passions found solid footing and she reached out to fellow students to help tutor them in classes. As a nursing student intern she felt passionately about the labor and delivery department and even had accepted a position at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Labor and Delivery. She was never able to fulfill this dream as she was called home to be with the Lord just 3 weeks before graduating.
This scholarship is looking for a student that will carry out Bridgett’s dreams. This is a student that wants to give back to fellow nursing students, for a nursing student whose passion is to work in Labor and Delivery. The perfect applicant will be passionate about helping others, volunteering with youth programs, and not afraid of working hard to achieve his/her goals. Bridgett’s love of nursing, specifically labor and delivery will carry on through you and your future nursing career. Through this scholarship and the recipients dedication, Bridgett J. Oliver’s legacy will make her parents, sisters, brother, friends and fellow Highlanders proud.

Scholarship Criteria

  • All admitted Nursing Students are eligible; however, this scholarship is for nursing students with a passion for labor and delivery.
  • Overall GPA requirement 3.0.
  • Scholarship is renewable, but student must apply each year and is not guaranteed to be renewed.
  • Submit an essay describing why you want to become a labor and delivery nurse.