Dr. Edna Warweg Speidel Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry

Scholarship Information

Dr. Ann S. Ferren, former Vice President of Academic Affairs, her husband Dr. Jonathon Fife, and their family established this scholarship in March 2001 in memory of Dr. Ferren’s mother.

Dr. Edna Warweg Speidel. Dr. Speidel held research positions at University of Iowa, University of Tennessee, and University of Minnesota. Dr. Speidel was also listed in American Men and Women of Science and Who’s Who of American Women.

Dr. Ferren endowed this scholarship to encourage other women to study Chemistry.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Recipient must be a full-time junior or senior Chemistry major.
  • Maintain overall 3.0 GPA.
  • 3.0 GPA for six semesters of Chemistry or 3.5 for four semesters of Chemistry.
  • Must remain a full-time student and Chemistry major.
  • Must reapply to be considered.