Bernice Odell Phillips Dailey Scholarship

Scholarship Information

This fund was established by Mary Dailey Phillips,’50, in memory of her mother Bernice Odell Phillips Dailey, a 1915 graduate of Radford College. This scholarship was created to help students from the New River Valley, in the Teacher Education program in the hope that they will carry on the dedication and commitment that Mrs. Dailey brought to her teaching. The scholarship is dedicated to Mrs. Dailey and her love of education.

Scholarship Criteria

  • The recipient must be a full-time student with upper class status.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Must have met the criteria for the Teacher Education Program.
  • Applicant must also be from the New River Valley, Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, Giles, and Wythe areas in that order of preference or Southwest Virginia region, as defined in the 16 counties from Roanoke, west to Lee County.
  • Must not be, nor ever have been, on disciplinary or academic suspension or probation from any academic institution of higher education.