Nursing Scholarship

Scholarship Information

The Nursing Class of 1984 and departmental faculty established this scholarship in 1985. This award was created to recognize excellence and leadership in the department among upper-class students.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Must have been accepted into the upper division in Nursing in Radford.
  • Must have completed a total of 60 semester hours, 30 at Radford.
  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in all courses attempted at Radford.
  • Must submit a two-paragraph essay stating the reasons you feel qualified to receive the award.
  • Normally students must expect to complete Radford’s nursing program in four semesters after application for the award is made.
  • Must not be, nor ever have been, on 20 weeks or more of disciplinary probation or suspension from any academic institution of higher learning.