George Everett & Matsue Yamazaki Dewese Scottish Rite Graduate Fellowship

Scholarship Information

Mr. and Mrs. George Dewese from Shawsville established this scholarship to serve children with speech and hearing disorders. Mr. and Mrs. Dewese have made a commitment to an annual Fellowship for a graduate student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

This fellowship helps to build on the existing partnership with the Roanoke Lodge of Perfection, the Scottish Rite Foundation, and Radford University. Mr. and Mrs. Dewese have also endowed scholarships to support students in the College of Business and Economics. Mr. Dewese was a 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Applicants must be a full-time.
  • Second year graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders.
  • Applicants must also have an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.