Margie Branscome Kark Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Mrs. Kark began her professional career as a counselor with the Virginia Employment Commission after completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at RU. While working in this position, she took graduate courses at RU as a part-time student. After receiving her Master’s degree, Mrs. Kark worked in management positions with the Virginia Employment Commission, Virginia Tech and RU. She retired from the position of Executive Director of Human Resources at RU in 2002. Mrs. Kark chose to fund this scholarship because of her own experience as a counselor and part-time graduate student and because no financial assistance was currently available to part-time students in the community counseling program. She hopes that the financial assistance provided through this scholarship will help students to obtain the knowledge and credentials needed for their continued professional growth and the development of their careers.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be enrolled part-time in Counseling Education.
  • Must have completed candidacy in the Counselor Education Program.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.6 GPA.
  • Students will submit an essay describing why they need the scholarship and how it will help them in completing the Counselor Education Program.