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Welcome to Radford University’s Foundation Scholarship Application Portal!

Radford University’s Foundation Scholarship portal gives you the opportunity to be considered for multiple scholarships funded by generous donors to the University, all by completing a single application. Approximately $3 million in scholarships will be awarded from nearly 500 scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year.

Foundation scholarships can help you pay for tuition, fees, room, board, books, and other education-related expenses.

The 2024-2025 application has been re-opned. The application opened on November 1, 2023 and the priority deadline to apply was February 5, 2024. We have extended the deadline for some scholarships through June 15th. If you are using a computer, apply by clicking on the sign-in button at the top right of the page. If you are using a smart phone, you will see the sign-in button on the lower right.

Newly Admitted Students
You are eligible to apply for Foundation scholarships, even if you have not yet confirmed your enrollment. Here are next steps:

  • First, activate your OneCampus account if you have not yet done so. You will need your username and claim code to activate your OneCampus-you can locate both in your Highlander Portal.
  • Then, come back to this page and log in (click on the sign-in button) and use your OneCampus credentials. Please note, access to the application may take up to 24 hours after you create your account.

Current Students
Simply use your OneCampus log in credentials when you click on the sign-in button. If you have applied previously, a portion of your application will populate, but you will want to update your application just as you would your resume to ensure you share important updates with the scholarship committees.

All StudentsMany of Radford’s foundation scholarships are need-based and require students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For maximum scholarship consideration, complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. Some foundation scholarships require the FAFSA, but financial need is only a priority, not a requirement.

Timelines and Additional Information

  • After submitting your general application, you will be able see your application status on your dashboard. If your status is not listed as “submitted,” you have not fully completed your application. Review to locate any missing information and make sure you sign and date your application.
  • Your general application will show as an icon, which you may open and continue to edit.
  • After submitting your general application, you may see additional scholarship opportunities for which you have been matched. These apply-to opportunities are scholarships that require additional information from you beyond the general application. If an apply-to scholarship seems to be a good match, click on the apply-to button to review instructions for next steps and and submit.
  • After submitting the general application, you may also be matched with several auto-match scholarships, based on whether you meet their requirements. Please note, you will not be able to see which auto-match scholarships you have been matched with.
  • The priority deadline was February 5th. Some scholarships will remain open for new applications, while others will be reviewed by faculty beginning in February. Awarding will be on-going throughout the spring/summer until all available awards can be made.
  • Be sure to keep a check on your Radford University email or view the portal for additional scholarship opportunities.
  • New scholarships as well as scholarships that may need to be re-awarded may be awarded anytime throughout the year.
  • If you are selected to receive a scholarship for 2024-2025, you will receive an email notification from to your Radford email account.

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Uploading Documents
If you are asked to upload a resume, essay, or any other supporting documentation, please know that the system will not allow for punctuation (commas, apostrophes and periods) to be used in the file name e.g.( Using punctuation will cause an error in trying to upload any of these supporting documents. Rename any file that includes these and don’t forget to click “Save and Keep Editing” after you select the file you wish to upload. Clicking “Finish and Submit” will submit your completed application for consideration.

Letters of Recommendation
Any letters of recommendation come directly to the scholarship portal and will not be sent to you directly.

Many of Radford’s Foundation scholarships require re-application each year to have them renewed. If you are currently receiving a foundation scholarship, be sure to re-apply if you are returning for the following academic year. You must also continue to meet minimum requirements for the scholarship you have received.

For More Information
Contact Cherie Durbin, Scholarship Coordinator in University Advancement:

Below you will find a listing of our foundation scholarships (scholarships created by donors to our University). If available, brief information about these scholarships and their qualifications will be included. Please note that this list is for information purposes only. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Jeff and Lura Branscome Stanley Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Their children and grandchildren created this...
Varies Jeff Price Family Scholarship
Scholarship Information Jeff Price, a 1986 graduate of RU, and his...
Varies Jennifer Blythe Bade Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Jennifer Bade was a Radford University senior...
Varies Jill Lobach Graybeal Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. Graybeal established the Jill Lobach...
Varies Jim Borling Endowed Scholarship in Music Therapy
Scholarship Information Mr. and Mrs. D. Gregory Rooker endowed this...
Varies John E. Davis and Charles W. McClellan Scholarship for World History
Scholarship Information This scholarship commemorates the friendship...
Varies John W. Arnn Sr. & John W. Arnn Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This award was established by the family and...
Varies Joseph E. & Alverta Belle Hurst Gardner Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Cassie K. Gardner established a Charitable Gift...
Varies Josie P. Murrin Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. Murrin’s husband, Robert J. Murrin, served...
Varies Judge Ted Dalton Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Judge Ted Dalton and his wife Mary Dalton...
Varies Jumpmaster Ron Gross Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established in memory of...
Varies Justice Arthur J. Goldberg Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established in 1990 in...
Varies Karol Willis Hull Scholarship for Carroll County Virginia Students
Scholarship Information Mrs. Hull is a 1962 RU graduate who majored in...
Varies Kathleen Harvey Harshberger Scholarship in Theatre
Scholarship Information Kathleen Harvey Harshberger `80 and her husband...
Varies Kathryn S. Harshberger Scholarship for Early Childhood Development
Scholarship Information Kathryn (Kate) Harshberger `91 was known as a...
Varies Kathy Green Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Family, friends and colleagues established this...
Varies Ken and Carolee Jackson Bondurant Art Education Scholarship
Scholarship Information Members of the Bondurant family are devoted...
Varies Kenneth Bondurant Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created by friends and...
Varies Kevin Michael Coffey Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mr. Alan F. Coffey, and his wife, Janet Potts,...
Varies Kevin Ray Scott Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information In February of 1986, Kevin Scott, a sophomore...
Varies Kim Fiola Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was named in memory of Kim...
Varies Kristin Marie Beitz and Laura Beitz Turk Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mr. and Mrs. William Beitz created this...
Varies Lancaster County Teacher Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship Information The Verlander Memorial Foundation partnered...
Varies Lester T., Pauline E., & Betty J. Banning Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Dr. Bernadine Banning, Professor Emeritus of...
Varies Lewis Sparks and Ken Coan Veterans Award
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created by a faculty...
Varies Lewyn H. Gardner Endowed Student Excellence Fund in the College of Visual & Performing Arts
Scholarship Information Ann Gardner Gray established this scholarship...
Varies Lisa Umberger Arundale Vocal Music Scholarship
Scholarship Information Lisa Umberger Arundale is a 1979 Radford...
Varies Lois Carter Reynolds Endowed Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Information Mrs. Lois Carter Reynolds was a 1936 Radford...
Varies Lorena L. Roberts McGarvey Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. McGarvey is a 1962 RU graduate who majored...
Varies Lynne Faith Heyman Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established in 1986 in...
Varies MacKinnon Scholarship for the Advancement of the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences at Radford University
Scholarship Information Jeffrey MacKinnon `85, a Radford University...
Varies Marcum Family Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created to award a...
Varies Margaret Hall Ward '50 Scholarship in Elementary Education
Scholarship Information Mrs. Ward established the Margaret Ward...
Varies Margie Branscome Kark Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. Kark began her professional career as a...
Varies Margot Fonteyn Memorial Scholarship for Dance
Scholarship Information Dr. Johann Norstedt, a retired Virginia Tech...
Varies Marie Powers Memorial Scholarship in Theatre
Scholarship Information Dr. Johann Norstedt, retired Virginia Tech...
Varies Marion S. Gray Scholarship
Scholarship Information In honor of his late wife, Marion S. Gray, Dr....
Varies Marquett ’85 and Rhonda Smith Scholarship and Book Fund
Scholarship Information Marquett and Rhonda Smith created this...
Varies Mary Catherine Austin Clark `44 Memorial Scholarship for Elementary Education
Scholarship Information Frank and Palma Clark created this scholarship...
Varies Mary Gillespie Sutton Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Brenda Wright created this scholarship in...
Varies Mary Jane Dudley Community College Transfer Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established by Mary Jane...
Varies Mary R. Coppedge-Kathryn C. Parks Scholarship
Scholarship Information Kathryn C. Parks created this scholarship in...
Varies Mary Simon Blevins Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established in memory of...
Varies Medical Laboratory Science Scholarship
The Medical Laboratory Science Scholarship was created to support...
Varies Melba Overstreet Henshaw Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mr. and Mrs. Ken Henshaw established this...
Varies Mendiola-Cole Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created by George Mendiola...
Varies Men’s Club Rugby Scholarship
Scholarship Criteria The Men’s Rugby Alumni Association at Radford...
Varies Michael "Drew" and Nicole C. Robinson Scholarship
Scholarship Information * *Scholarship Criteria Must be a Full-time...
$0.00 Michael A. (Mike) Wray and Family Scholarship
Scholarship Information Scholarship Criteria Students pursing a...
Varies Mick Stewart & Tom Morris Athletics Scholarship
Scholarship Information TBA. Scholarship Criteria Can be either a...