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Welcome to Radford University’s Foundation Scholarship Portal!

Below you will find a listing of our foundation scholarships (scholarships created by donors to our University). If available, brief information about these scholarships and their qualifications will be included. Please note that this list is for information purposes only. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.

The 2024-2025 application is now open. The application opened on November 1, 2023 and the priority deadline to apply is February 5, 2024

Prospective Students–Admitted students may be considered for many of our foundation scholarships. Access to this scholarship portal may take 1-2 days after a student creates their University account in OneCampus. Interested students should complete the general application and may also apply for appropriate apply-to scholarship opportunities (scholarships that require an extra step beyond the general application) that show up as available once the general application has been submitted. Although the foundation scholarship application priority deadline is Monday, Feb. 5th 2024, incoming students who have missed this deadline may still be considered for a group of foundation scholarships managed by Enrollment Management.

All StudentsMany of Radford’s foundation scholarships are need-based and require students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please remember to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after it opens in December. For maximum scholarship consideration, please make every effort to submit your FAFSA well before the February 5th, 2024 priority application deadline so that your financial aid eligibility may be considered for need-based foundation scholarships.

Application Timeline and Process

  • The 2024-2025 General Application is open November 1st and the priority deadline is February 5th.
  • To apply, you must sign in with the same user name and password you use to access your Radford University login portal.
  • When the general application is open, you will be able to complete and submit a new application or update the one you previously submitted.
  • After submitting your general application, you can see your application status on your dashboard. If your status is not listed as “submitted,” you have not fully completed your application.
  • Your general application will show as an icon, which you may open and continue to edit.
  • After submitting your general application, you may see additional scholarship opportunities for which you have been matched. These apply-to opportunities are scholarships that require additional information from you beyond the general application. (Please note: you will not be able to see which scholarships your application has been auto-matched with.)
  • You may also view the entire list of scholarships by going to the opportunities tab and click on the “Ours” option from the drop down box. Those that have the black apply-to buttons beside them require an extra step to be considered. If you were not matched with an apply-to scholarship from the master list, something in your application or academic background does not match the scholarship.
  • If you are selected to receive a scholarship for 2024-2025, you will receive an email notification from to your Radford email account. Most notifications will go out in April 2024 (Incoming students may receive notification before this.)
  • After April, keep a check on your Radford University email or view the portal for additional scholarship opportunities. New scholarships as well as scholarships that may need to be re-awarded may be awarded anytime throughout the year.

to apply
When the general application is open, click the sign-in button on this page and enter your Radford University login credentials.

Internet Explorer is not a compatible web browser. For optimal compatibility, sign-in using any newest versions of browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Uploading Documents
If you are asked to upload a resume, essay, or any other supporting documentation, please know that the system will not allow for punctuation (commas, apostrophes and periods) to be used in the file name e.g.( Using punctuation will cause an error in trying to upload any of these supporting documents. Rename any file that includes these and don’t forget to click “Save and Keep Editing” after you select the file you wish to upload. Clicking “Finish and Submit” will submit your completed application for consideration.

Letters of Recommendation
Any letters of recommendation come directly to the scholarship portal and will not be sent to you directly.

Most foundation scholarships require re-application each year. If you are currently receiving a foundation scholarship, be sure to re-apply if you are returning for the following academic year. You must also continue to meet minimum requirements for the scholarship you have received.

For More Information
Contact Cherie Durbin, Scholarship Coordinator in Advancement and University Relations:

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies 1 Peter 4:10 Scholarship
Scholarship Information Michael and Carol Donovan established this...
Varies A. Victor Thomas Recreation & Leisure Services Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship fund was established in honor...
Varies AASIS Scholarship in Honor of Rosemary A. Middleton
Scholarship Information The Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools...
Varies Alber-Winslow Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Information Margaret F. Winslow `63, and her husband,...
Varies Albert Carlot Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Dr. Fernande Gard created this scholarship in...
Varies Albert Gard Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Dr. Fernande Gard created this scholarship in...
Varies Albig Family Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
Scholarship Information Dr. David Albig, Professor Emeritus, former...
Varies Alice B. Killen Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Dr. Linda Killen, a Professor Emeritus of...
Varies Alice Page Winfrey '46 Memorial Scholarship/Interior Design
Scholarship Information Ms. Brenda Mullane `78 created this scholarship...
Varies Alliant Techsystems at RFAAP Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Radford University alumni employed by Alliant...
Varies Allstate Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was set up to provide funding...
Varies Alpha Sigma Tau Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created to benefit members...
Varies Alumni Student Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was developed for students who...
Varies Ames Education Fund
Scholarship Information This scholarship is for a junior or senior who...
Varies Andrew W. Ross Endowed Photography Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created in honor of Andrew...
Varies Ann M. Rice '79 Memorial Scholarship for Women's Tennis
Scholarship Criteria A member of the Women’s Tennis Team in good...
Varies Anna & Ruth Cronise Scholarship
Scholarship Information This award was established by two sisters, Anna...
Varies Annie Laura Leftwich Sayers Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created by Annie Leftwich...
Varies Arney Dalton Scottish Rite Graduate Fellowship in Language Disorders
Scholarship Information The Scottish Rite Foundation has established...
Varies Arthur & Linda Pape Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Donald Dedmon
Scholarship Information Art and Linda Pape established this scholarship...
Varies Arthur R. & Pinkie Giesen Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established by Arthur and...
Varies Artis Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. Nancy Eisenhart Artis is a 1973 Radford...
Varies AT&T Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was established in 1985...
Varies Avery, Keeton, Carper Memorial Fund
Scholarship Information Byrd Lochtie decided to create this endowment...
Varies Award for Excellence in the Department of English
Scholarship Information This scholarship was originated in 1982 by...
Varies Bernice Odell Phillips Dailey Scholarship
Scholarship Information This fund was established by Mary Dailey...
Varies Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
Scholarship Information The Radford University Chapter of Beta Gamma...
Varies Beth Carlson Nelson Scholarship
Scholarship Information In honor of her many years of dedication and...
Varies Bethany Lorraine Rooker Dance Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mr. Greg Rooker, former Foundation Board of...
Varies Betty Dore Athletic Scholarship for Teacher Education
Scholarship Information Colleagues and friends created this scholarship...
Varies Beverly Vaden Porter Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts
Scholarship Information Mrs. Porter is a 1963 Radford College graduate...
Varies Blake Edward Fought Student Media Scholarship
Scholarship Information Blake was a RU student and was very involved...
Varies Blue Ridge Beverage Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Blue Ridge Beverage wanted to create a...
Varies Boise Cascade Scholarship
Scholarship Information The Boise Cascade Office Products Company...
Varies Bondurant Realty Corporation Scholarship
Scholarship Information Members of the Bondurant family are devoted...
Varies Bonnie Hurlburt Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created in honor of Ms....
Varies Bonnie Hurlburt SGA Scholarship
Scholarship Information This scholarship was created to recognize...
Varies Boyd Forensic and Anthropological Sciences Scholarship
Scholarship Information Dr. Cliff Boyd and Dr. Donna Boyd are both...
Varies Brenda Bingham Memorial Teacher Education Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Information Brenda Bingham was a 1972 Radford graduate who...
Varies Brenda G. Bingham Memorial Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools Scholarship
Scholarship Information Brenda Bingham was a 1972 Radford graduate who...
Varies Bridgett J. Oliver Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Bridgett Jacqueline Oliver in her brief 21...
Varies Bruns-Whiddon Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mrs. Joyce Whiddon Bruns, a 1967 Radford...
Varies C. Darrell Shell Scholarship
Scholarship Information Mr. Shell’s wife Ann and friends established...
Varies Candice Crizer McDearmon Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship Information Gerald McDearmon established the Candice Crizer...
Varies Cap Kehs, Robert McKosky and Ted McKosky, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Cinematic Arts
Scholarship Information Ted and Deidre Kehs McKosky are long time...
Varies Carilion Clinic Endowed Athletics Scholarship
Carilion Clinic endowed this scholarship in 2021 to assist Radford...
Varies Carl Lefko and Monica Weinzapfel Scholarship
Scholarship Information An anonymous donor established this scholarship...
Varies Carol Morgan Hart Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship Information Family, friends, and colleagues created this...
Varies Caroline Agee Hauck Scholarship
Scholarship Information Ms. Marcia Adler `75 established this...
Varies Carolyn Brown Bush Scholarship for the College of Education & Human Development
Scholarship Information Alumna Carolyn Brown Bush ’71 and her husband,...